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The good to knows

The Free plan gives you the opportunity to build a mobile app version of your website for free! We give you the tools to plan, design, and build your app with an interactive preview so you can see how your app will look while you build it. There is no charge until you decide to publish your app.

Exactly what is on your website - look at this app as an extension of your existing digital presence. My Mobile App will ‘appify your website’, adding call and location functionality, as well as push notification capabilities, but at the end of the day your app is your website evolved. If you want to change the content within the app, make the change on your mobile website and your app will sync automatically.

The approval process is completely at the discretion of the app stores, and generally takes about a week. Sometimes it will be much quicker, and other times it might take a couple of weeks instead. Unfortunately this is out of our control.
If there are any concerns during the approval process we will be in touch with you right away in order to have them resolved quickly.
Of course, we will let you know as soon as your app is live - so sit back and relax until then.
In summary:
Apple - usually 1-2 weeks
Android - usually within a week.

Some websites are not appropriate to be converted in an app. Your website must be:

Owned by you;
Mobile Friendly;
Adhere to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store policies & guidelines.

Your app content automatically updates whenever the website does. Whether it is one small price change, a new video added or an entire new section, whatever happens on your site is mirrored in your app. This happens automatically and should be almost instantaneous, although it may sometimes require the app to be shut down and re-opened for a complete app content update.

Every single update made to your app or to how your app is displayed in the app stores must again go through the approval process. This can take up to 2 weeks at times (but is generally much quicker!).
You won't be able to make other updates while your app is undergoing approval; however, you can update again once approved. It's best to make numerous changes at once for fastest effect.
The current version of your app will stay operational until the new version is approved.

Unfortunately no application can be guaranteed for app store approval. We have successfully built and deployed over 60,000 apps for Google Play and iTunes app stores. Our support team are able to assist where possible, however approval is at the complete discretion of the app stores. Sometimes an app won’t be approved for technical or administrative reasons – we will assist in addressing any concerns and ensuring app approval.
Please make sure you read the app store guidelines.

We can switch the names of your cancelled app and the new app. Contact our support team for assistance.

App related questions

You can change your icon easily in the App Builer locared in your Dashboard. The ideal size for your icon is 1024 x 1024 pixels - but don't stress if you don't have this, we adjust your images to the required sizes. (The minimum accepted size is 250 x 250 px)

You can change your category really easily: just send us an email letting us know which category you would like to be listed under.
This will require your app to go through the approval process again. It may take up to 2 weeks for your app to appear in its new category.

Due to security reasons and software limitations, we have to look into the program to see if it fits into our system’s architecture.
Please be in touch with your request and specific affiliate program, and we'll have our development team see what they can do..

You can upload the logos inside your Dashboard when building your app. For app name changes and description changes please Contact our support team.

It’s really easy to add features and make changes to your app. Head to the “Feature Editor” in your Dashboard. Click on the tutorial there for more assistance.

For My Mobile App direct customers accept PayPal. For Wix or Shopify users, your subscription is added to your monthly platform bill.

Make sure you update the card linked to your PayPal and it will automatically update in MMA.

For security reasons, we do not store your login passwords. The best way to get this done is to reset your password at Forgot Password

When your app directs your users to a section of your website, we call that “hybrid” as your app is using the HTML code of your website. A Hybrid app looks and feels the same as most apps in the app stores, but lets you use your website for various features in your app instead of having to spend lots of money building those features natively for each platform (Android or iOS for example).

Native features are modules which work directly with the devices operating system, which general enable faster performance and increased flexibility. These features provide great user experience when compared to HTML5 web-based modules. We highly recommend taking advantage of the native features we have developed for your MMA app.


Have you tried quitting the app and then opening it up again?
Sometimes your app will cache your website in order to provide better performance. To reset just quit your app and then open it again - your app should now match your updated website.

Push alerts are notifications sent to users of your app. You may send Push alerts directly through your Dashboard. There is no limit on the number of alerts you send. To receive an alert, you must give your app permission to receive push alerts (you will be prompted when opening the app for the first time).

Any 3rd party software used on your website should be working in the app.
From time to time though security and permission issues cause some minor headaches, which are usually easily fixed.
If this is the case, please notify us with the name of the third party software and our development team will do their best to get everything working as brilliantly as intended.

Your app should be able to upload files. Just as your website would be able to do the same.
If you are having any troubles, please contact us and our development team will look into the problem for you.

Often this is due to your menu settings not reflecting your app desires. You can choose to show or hide menu items from the menu section in your Dashboard.
If the problem persists, please be in touch and we'll see what we can do.

In case you have forgotten your password, or the signing up process has been interrupted. Please go to this link: here

We are always happy to help transfer your app name. Unfortunately we are unable to transfer the app code.

We create custom app solutions, as well as custom advancements for your MMA app. Contact us to see what we can do for you.


All prices are in USD.

My Mobile App is all about making life easy for you. This goes for unsubscribing too.

You can unsubscribe from My Mobile App by clicking the link at the bottom of your Dashboard or removing the My Mobile App application from your platform provider. We'll take care of the rest.

Your app will be removed from the app stores.

All apps that have previously been downloaded onto a mobile device will remain on that device; however, if accessed, the app will display an 'offline' message.

You may re-instate your My Mobile App subscription at any time.

Our policy is to not issue refunds - you can unsubscribe at any time. My Mobile App will only issue a refund if there is a significant fault with the product.

If you are unsure whether you would like to select the Upgrade Plans, or whether your site will work well as an app, we encourage you to try the Free Plan first and then to upgrade once you’re loving your app.

We do not charge administrative or set up fees, as we aim to keep our prices as low as possible; however, please be aware that when issues arise – particularly with the approval processes of the app stores – we undertake a lot more work on your behalf and do not charge extra for this. It is not grounds for a refund.

Similarly, it is the responsibility of the app owner to comply with the approval processes of the app stores. Failure to do so is not grounds for refund. If you are unsure, please contact us first and/or select the Free Plan as a tester.

We do not currently support apps with a price tag greater than zero.

The best thing you can do to speed up your application process is to ensure you’re app is complete before continuing with publishing. For iOS customers please arrange an Apple Developer account prior to selecting Apple publishing. Lastly, make sure that your app complies with the Google Play Store and Apple App Store guidelines.

We understand that you wish to have your own Apple App as soon as possible. However, due to the requirement of Apple, all customers are required to have their own Apple developer accounts which is mentioned in our My Mobile App website. This is why we have you confirm your Apple Developer account before progressing with publishing.